Reopening of Sauna

Good news! Once again, PPT residents will be able to make use of the Sauna! We are very excited to show the renovated Sauna, wherein we can rejuvenate our body through the generated heat that has a therapeutic effect on the body. Not only does the heat activate sweat glands that help the body to eliminate toxins, it also increases heart rate and blood circulation. For a hassle-free experience and continuous satisfaction, we set a Booking and Reservation procedure for our Sauna.


a)      The User must first secure and fill up a Sauna Booking / Reservation Form from the Gym Attendant so as to facilitate accommodation.

b)      Sauna use is in “First reserve first use” basis, in the event the User is trying to reserve a date that has prior reservation/booking, the gym attendant reserves the right to refuse the User’s request and will recommend another available date and time; or the requestor’s name would be listed in the wait-list should the former reservation be cancelled and prioritized to give the schedule to the second requestor.

c)       Sauna operation is strictly under the Gym Attendant’s authority only. Sauna users are not allowed to operate the Sauna on their own, as this is part of the PPT Sauna Standard Safety and Operating Procedures.

Aside from detoxification of the body, increasing the heart rate, and improving blood circulation, it also improves skin through cleaning and opening up the pores which get clogged due to the use of creams, deodorants and dead skin cells; strengthens Immunity, help in weight-loss, muscle relaxation and even mental health. People who frequently use the sauna often feel mentally relaxed. This is because the increased cardiovascular activity releases endorphins – a ‘feel-good’ chemical, in the brain.

Let’s start flushing out toxins with sweat!

Rainy Days Ready!

The rainy season is almost back! As we bid farewell to the super hot episode of sunny skies, we can now enjoy dressing up for the showery time of the year and do lots of indoor activities especially for kids.

Nevertheless, also at this period, people are also prone to some illnesses. These include mosquito-borne diseases that naturally multiply faster on rainy days for the reason that there are more possible places that periodically hold water that they can lay eggs into.

Here at PPT, we are making sure that we can prevent and control such malady and we are taking high precautions on the possible habitats that support breeding of the mosquitoes. We have the following actions taken to control mosquito population:

  1. Daily inspection and swatting treatment every morning at 7:15am to 8:00am at the North lobby, South lobby and Garden perimeter area, follow up swatting at 3:00pm to control population of mosquitoes.
  2. Thrice a week blanket spraying treatment at North & South canopy driveway and gazebo area to eliminate mosquito larvae.
  3. Weekly LARVICIDE treatment at the basement area and other areas with stagnant water to eliminate mosquitoes’’ egg and larvae.
  4. Daily heavy misting using ULV machine at the Poolside perimeter area, playground area, gazebo, and North & South driveway garden perimeter area to control mosquito population.
  5. Daily misting treatment using ULV machine at north & south lobby area, perimeter, poolside area, gazebo, north & south lobby driveway, play ground area, business center and function area to control mosquitoes population.
  6. Thrice a week MIST BLOWER treatment around the building perimeter to eliminate adult population of mosquitoes.
  7. Thrice a week heavy misting using ULV machine at elevator fit to kill the presence of mosquito.
  8. Thorough spraying of knockdown insecticide chemical directly on the plant to eliminate the presence of mosquito and to prevent harborages. Highly recommended for the removal of dead leaves and ornamental plant residues that serves as attractant for newly hatched mosquitoes since waters in stagnant areas.

Moreover, we also have OL trap or OV trap that we contain with larvicide solution. The scent of the larvicide solution attracts female mosquitoes and encourages them to lay eggs on the immersed lawanit strip. Once exposed to the solution, the eggs and hatched larvae will die. The OL Trap or OV Trap prevents the next generation of mosquitoes from reaching adulthood and curbs the Aedes Aegypti (a mosquito that can spread the dengue fever, Chikungunya and yellow fever viruses, and other diseases) mosquito population.

PA Retesting and Vehicle Access Card System

As per our Circular 251, please be reminded that we will have our PA Re-testing on May 15, 2012 at 11 AM. The result of the previous testing indicated that some did not function well when a simultaneous broadcast was made for both towers prompting us to re-test per zone.

A PA Testing Result Form was distributed along with the Circular 251. Kindly answer them and have it return to us on or before May 18, 2012.

Moreover, very few yet avail of the sticker and E-pass for our Vehicle Access Card System. Please do visit or call our Front desk or Business Center who are more than willing to further assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation.