Experience Breathtaking Views Through a Clearer, Finer, Brighter Window

Serving the residents’ satisfaction demands as reflected in the Customer Satisfaction Survey realized the Board’s approval that directed the management’s implementation of increasing the frequency of window cleaning from twice to thrice a year. However, the four existing gondolas can only accommodate twice a year cleaning, signifying that another round would entail 1M in OPEX and 3.6M in CAPEX for two additional gondolas which has a potential of increasing the dues. To satisfy the residents’ demand without necessarily increasing the Php95 dues, the Board deferred the purchase of supplementary gondolas and opted to hire one qualified high-rise window cleaning contractor per tower to induce competition in terms of speed, quality and price. The two contractors were given the mandate to do thrice a year cleaning. The one to successfully satisfy the mandate will win the contract for the two towers.

Speed is measured by monitoring the contractor’s compliance to schedule while quality is further measured by after service calls to all served units to identify each contractor’s satisfaction rating. All these shall take place without compromising personnel safety. In fact, prior to start of cleaning, the gondolas were given proper maintenance and passed the safety inspection conducted by DOLE.