President’s Message

“Following the suggestions of the shareholders, the PPT website was improved to foster greater access to information and services.  The responsibility of ensuring this will be realized was gamely taken on by Mr Mike Keppler and Mr. Chris Barlis. Kudos to both gentlemen for delivering a portal that will further strengthen community relationship. We all welcome you to the rebirth of the official PPT website in its new domain name:”

Soldier of Honesty

Kudos for a work of honesty! PSO Ronard Quimpo returned a cell phone that was lost by one of Pacific Plaza Towers’ visitors on 29 September 2011. This chivalrous act brought pride to the security service of Men In Blue Security Services Inc. and PPTCC.

An excerpt from the General Manager’s message: “Honesty is one of the core values leading to good service. You bring pride to PPT service team.”